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Posted By: Jeri
06-Jan-04 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Migraine sufferers, advice please?
Subject: RE: BS: Migraine sufferers, advice please?
Arnie, I'm glad I was able to help. I don't think cluster headaches sound much better than migraines. Although they don't last as long, they appear suddenly and the pain sounds much more intense.

For those who can't take pills, there are some medications and treatments that you spray up your nose.

The neti pot looks very interesting. I get irritated sinuses frequently, and I also used to get sinus infections every time I had a cold. This thing wouldn't have prevented or cured the sinus infections, but it sure would have helped me get over them and ease some of the irritation.

Now that someone's mentioned sinus infections and migraines, I've remembered this. When I became aware I was getting serious head pain, 'migraine' wasn't the first diagnosis. First, it was a cracked maxillary molar on that side of my head. The tooth was repaired, but I still had the pain. It was then I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and polyp in the maxillary sinus on that side of my head. That was treated, but I still got the headaches. I have a completely unprovable (and perhaps whacko) theory that the pain sort of 'trained' the nerves to over-react and make the blood vessels dilate and cause the headaches. Non-sentient post-traumatic stress syndrome or something.

Would the sinus and tooth problems have kicked this headache stuff off (if that's actually what happened) if they were minor enough that I wasn't really aware of them? I think so. I was aware I'd had a cold, but not that I had a sinus infection or polyp - I didn't really have pain, just a feeling of stuffiness. I was aware the tooth was screwed up, but if I didn't chew on that side or get cold liquid near it, it didn't hurt.