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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
06-Jan-04 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Drinking Games & Dares
Subject: RE: BS: Drinking Games & Dares

One dining fork per player less one.
One galss per player (that's GLASS, I think...)
Pack of cards.

'n' bottles of booze of any type - usually someone has bought something like "Southern Mist" real cheap thinking it would be just like "Southern Comfort" only not cost as much - you get the idea - and discovered it is only good for OTHER people to frink (no - I'll leave that typo - it helps understand the game better!), so it gets donated to the centre of the table.

The cards are distributed among all players, it doesn't matter if they are not even. If you run out of cards, you just grab some from the bottom (or whatever part you can handle - of the deck that is!) of the dicard pile.

All plasses glayers are topped up. - Yeah, that's about it!

Each player places a card on the discard pile. Then it's just like Snap! - if two cards are the same - ie 4's - then someone yells "Forks" and everybody has to grab a fork - dining type from table centre.

Loser drinks - usually entire contents of glass.

Start again at appropriate point above - if you can find it. Eventually every body has had enough, or the booze runs out, when it may be replaced by something else that some other person realises they really don't want to drink all by themselves either.

Ooooohhhh! just thinking about it - I'm gonna lie down now....