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Posted By: Bobert
07-Jan-04 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Subject: RE: BS: Snitch-Gate Heatin' Up, Mr. Rove....
Interesting, Kendall. You see how the press is lettin' this story just sink deeper and deeper inside the paper? And then opne day, it will be as if nothing happened at all and no one will care except a few of us who do, ahhhhh, actually care about the way our government is run...

Man, if this had been Slick Willie, this story would not only page front and center but the right wing would would be frothing at the mouth for hos impeachment.

My, my, how times do change?

Now, I'll just throw a little theory into the mix ofwhy the American people don't give a danged. They're scared to death that if they rock the boat that Boss Hog is gonna snatch their job away and with a SUV in the driveway (unpaid for), 2.3 kids, a $1500 month month motgage, maxed out crdit cards, they're either too danged busy to care or if they have a clue, they'te gonna keep it safe down in their tummy.