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Posted By: Mark Dowding
08-Jan-04 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: Ballad of the North West (BBC TV series)
Subject: RE: Ballad of the North West (BBC TV series)
Whilst the BBC do not hold this programme in their archives as film or videotape, Pat Ryan has confirmed to me that she has kept several audio cassette tapes of these programmes and that they turned up in her Christmas decoration box! She has had a quick listen and although the quality is not the best due to the age of the tapes and the technology of the time (1973/74)which was basically pointing a microphone at the TV speaker, they are at least a record of some of the programmes that up to now were "lost".

The programmes she has are:
One man & his Mule-Gary & Vera Aspey & Bernard Wrigley.
The Big Ditch - Gary & Vera Aspey
Way Of the Witch
the Owler Lads
The Alalbama Incident
The Highway Man
Cape Famine

The next thing is to see if the tapes can be restored somewhat and the sound quality improved.

Watch this space!