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Posted By: Wolfgang
27-Aug-99 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/tune Req: Dark Iniseoghain / Dark Innishowen
found at thanks to ALTA VISTA search machine.

Enjoy it .....Wolfgang


the maidens of beauty and swains so forlorn
that carelessly wander away from your home
i am off by the moonlight and break of the morning
i'll be found in the martins with dark iniseoghain

i stray to a place they call sweet kaylani
in search of the fair one that I might adore
but a maiden to love me I couldn't find any
from mendorn bridge to the gap of mamore

many's the colleen i cast my eye over
from mary of marlin to the rose of maville
all sweet with their smiles and eyes filled with laughter
but sure at the end was myself waiting still

at the bay of cultath where the wild waves are breaking
can donna with forest clad mountians and hemp
i sat but in vain with a heart that was aching
for one in my dreams of a bright world fulfilled

but then in the shades of old barnum i find you
not valley or shadowed by mountains so grand
and I prayed that god's angels would ever protect you
and i placed a keepsake in your littile white hand

and nigh I am stationed in kitey farlahna
far from the fair one that I do adore
but when i turn it will be to my delight
that I left in the martins of dark iniseoghain