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Posted By: Jim Dixon
12-Jan-04 - 11:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Mexican Joe (and parody)
Subject: Lyr Add: MEXICAN JOE (from Homer & Jethro)
And here's the parody:
Lyrics transcribed from the sound file at

(As sung by Homer & Jethro)

South of the border, down in Mexico,
There lives a feller called Mexican Joe.
He ain't got no money. He can't pay his bills.
He has got more girlfriends than Carter has pills.
He don't eat no 'taters. He don't eat no greens.
He lives on hot tamales an' good ol' chili beans.
Eatin' an' sleepin', paintin' the town,
He lives the life of Riley when Riley ain't around.

The women all love him and his many charms.
He throws his money around like he has no arms.
He ain't got no money. He ain't got no loot.
Just like a screech owl, he don't give a hoot.
South of the border, by the Rio Grande,
Mexican Joe was a-sleepin' in the sand.
Along come a rattlesnake, bit him on the head.
Joe's still a-sleepin' but the snake is dead.

Then old Joe got married to a girl named Ann.
He misses her cookin' ever' time he can.
She up an' left him an' went home to ma.
She broke his heart so he broke her jaw.
South of the border, down in Mexico,
Joe kicked the bucket a week or two ago.
They rubbed his chest with alkyhol, tryin' to cure his cough.
Joe went and broke his neck tryin' to lick it off.