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Posted By: GUEST,Boab D
16-Jan-04 - 05:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I am at my work and really bored with it. 12 hours a day and all I can do is sit at the computer, smoke fags (cigarettes) and wait for meal times to come along so I can eat rotten food then train and get rid of my gut that I have attained through laziness and boredom. So there you go oh aye and I cant go home at night as I need to stay here on the rig till Monday before I go on a helicopter for 40 minutes a plain for 40 minutes a train for 4 hours another train for an hour before I actually get my nasties. What's all that about. But hey it all may change in March as I am going to Namibia to do a course, which should seriously improve my job. What else oh aye still finding it quite hard to get over my ex fiancée and I have just moved out of my wee house with the new girlfriend so she is a little upset too. Sometimes it would be easier to be celibate but hey you can only have so much fun on your own cant you, as sex is definitely a sharing game. So what else is there to tell all of you oh aye I seen a guy who had uvulitis so bad that he had to sit forward and eat his ice cream to stop him from choking on it (ice cream to reduce the swelling) it were huge.
Just thought that I would pass on some wee thoughts of the day and happy New Year from me