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Posted By: The Shambles
17-Jan-04 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: What is Folk? IN SONG.
Subject: RE: What is Folk? IN SONG.
Start to write poems
And they leave it up to you
But claim to be a poet
Then the experts have a view

Start to sing and it's OK
You can even write a song
But claim to be a writer
And the critics come along

But this one is the worst of all
And really requires a fighter
Sing and write but never make a claim
To be a singer/songwriter

The pedants will always try
And really it's no joke
To pigeon-hole and analyse
Never claim to be 'folk'

For folk songs were never written
Just collected from the trees
Certainly never came - from the pen
Of navel-gazers - like these.

They only create the music
Do just as they please
They are just musicians
Who mess-up the categories

Those who know the meter
And where it was collected
Are the one who know it all
And should be better respected.

They may not have created much
But are heaven-sent
To tell everyone what they should do
And be wise – after the event…………