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17-Jan-04 - 08:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
For Stilly River Sage

MOAB - The Cliff's Notes

King khandu started this thread.
A buncha people thought he was crazy.
A buncha other people posted to it anyway because they like to do crazy things.
One thing led to another thing.
Another thing led to yet another thing.
(Most of the people who post to it regularly can safely be classified as "other things".)
MOAB became a pseudo-religion.

Plot-wise, these important events have taken place, though not necessarilly in this order:

Tweed was afflicted by buzzards roosting in his backyard.
CarolC posted lotsa pictures of porta-potties.
Amos posted a buncha stuff nobody can understand.
The alien life forms known as "freds" tried to eat khandu and Tweed but got sick.
Slim Piggins (BWL's pet pig) tried to oust khandu from the Throne of Mississippi but got eaten at a Memorial Day barbecue in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
The Martian invasion was successfully repelled, but at great cost. The freds known as "Debbie Earl" was kilt.
The freds known as "Bubba Bubba" accused BWL, khandu and an unnamed Labrador retriever of being the sires of hisherits latest brood of little himherits. Debbie Earl metamorphasized into a stinkhorn fungus before the issue was resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
King khandu returned after a three-month absence. At first, some MOABites thought he had been cloned because he was being to nice. He has, since, pretty much returned to being his crotchety old self.