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Posted By: MickyMan
17-Jan-04 - 06:38 PM
Thread Name: Roger Whittaker what's he doing nowadays
Subject: RE: Roger Whittaker what's he doing nowadays
R W had quite a following in the USA throughout the 70's (and probably beyond). The people who listened to him regularly probably thought of him as a folksinger but his recordings were very highly glossed up in production and I would bet that most Americans who consider themselves folkies would find his stuff a little too sacharin to the taste.
In the late 70's - early 80's my wife and I had an older spinster type lady who lived upstairs from us in a three family house. (Hummmmmm....She was probably younger at the time than I am now). Anyway, she used to come home every day and put her R.W. record on right away. His deep, dark sweet baritone voice would waft down to our apartment throughout the evening. My wife and I were a newly married couple and kind of felt sorry for her. She seemed lonely, and the R.W. songs were sort of that way too. I kind of got to like the stuff...he has a great voice (It definately is in your range, Jerry R.)
A few years later my wife and I got a gig at a very high end Country Inn on the Connecticut shore singing folk music in their parlor (great setting). The older New York crowd that frequented the place would often ask us to play Roger whitacker songs...most memorable to me now is "The Last Farewell". They certainly thought of him as a "folksinger". I haven't sung his songs since....but I've definately had to sing songs that were much worse.
   This thread just brought me on a sweet trip down memory lane. It's good to hear he's still with us, and even singing regularly.