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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
18-Jan-04 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stuff about Hull
Subject: BS: Stuff about Hull
Heloo, i just searched the whole foruem list [and the bs section[, and there is currently NOTHING about Hull here!
Hull is best place in the werld, and there is good folk bands here , like punch the horse, [probly best folk band in hull], and in the werld, and there is a fish museum, and there is loads of pubs, and loads of mudcat people, and loads of history and stuff [i think guy falwks wasa born here, but not sure really, it might have been york],
but if your not doing nowt, come to hull, you will enjoy it, and Les from Hull does tours of the old thinghs in thge city, like the museums and stuff, he does this for free, just buy him a bear, [he drinks guinneess].
hull is good, and everyeere else is rubbish.john

[i been to loasds of places, but they all crap, i still like to live in hull.