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Posted By: JohnInKansas
19-Jan-04 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Music writing program?
Subject: RE: Tech: Music writing program?
Don -

Depending on what version you have, and how you came across it, there may be quite a few "accessory" programs or nothing at all.

Best I can suggest is look for folders named "Creative," "CreativeSB," "SB," and/or "SoundBlaster" or something similar. If you have one program you use, look and see where it is, and then look in that vicinity. Right click on an icon you're using, click properties, and look at the "Shortcut" tab to find out where a "live" one is on your drive.

Some, but not all, Soundblaster installs give you a toolbar that lets you pick some "associated programs" that installed with it. The toolbar does sometimes "go away" from your desktop if you don't use it ... very mysterious, but you might find it to turn it on if you poke around a bit.

Retail packages also may have "extra" disks that you didn't install, with interesting(?) stuff that came with your SB but aren't on the machine. (And they never tell you what all the extras are for, you're just supposed to be grateful.)