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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Jan-04 - 07:27 PM
Thread Name: Dead Links PermaThread
Subject: Dead Links PermaThread
This is an edited PermaThread™, and all messages posted here are subject to editing and deletion.
This thread is intended to serve as a forum for corrections and annotations to the Mudcat Links Section. Report dead or incorrect Links Section links here, and we'll correct them and delete your report message.

This thread is just for Links Section updates, not for incorrect links in the regular threads. Please don't ask to have links corrected in most thread messages. That gets a bit too burdensome. If a link in a thread is incorrect, simply post a new message in the thread with a corrected link. We will update the incorrect link if we get a chance, but we prefer not to respond to individual requests for link updates within threads.
-Joe Offer-

If an old link is dead, go to the Internet Wayback Machine, and paste in the old link. It may still work.
But if the link is dead, let us know - and try to find the new URL for us.
-Joe Offer-