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Posted By: GUEST,Spot the Dog
21-Jan-04 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
Subject: RE: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
I don't think you need to apologise Switchbit. I certainly wouldn't. You asked if people were interested in auditioning for a new folk club and got some grief about the politics and some unsolicited opinion.

If people don't want to audition I suggest they don't turn up , but to question the motives of another person who wants to start a new club without first getting information from the horses mouth is a bit forward.

Could be the guy wants to book some fresh local talent but wants to ensure standards or style. We should look for the positives before the negatives especially on this forum.

I personally have a problem with direct auditions but wouldn't criticise anyone for arranging or doing them. However , I don't mind doing a floor spot in the hope of a booking if they liked what I did.
It's a very fine dividing line between the two.!