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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
22-Jan-04 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: Practicing abc notation
Subject: RE: Practicing abc notation
The Internet Piano Page is the other link I was talking about. As best I remember, for a period of time I couldn't hear them -- it may have something to do with various software programs. Also, back when I had a better sound card they sounded fabulous. They're still not bad on my present sound card.

Listen to the Chopin, Barcarolle I think. The timing is very "easy" to do by a good pianist, but almost impossible when sequencing by hand. It's all a matter of interpretation, and that's where there are differences in different performers. Some are technically perfect, but have no soul. Others are too "schmaltzy" and take too many liberties with the rhythms and notes. Then again, much is just a matter of personal taste, much like the voices each of us like best.