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Posted By: The Vulgar Boatman
23-Jan-04 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
Subject: RE: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
Ye Gods and small fishes, that stirred the gyppo didn't it?

I remember the sixties, and in Barnsley too...not exactly the highest point of a long and varied life. Trouble is, not a lot seems to have changed, except now they all seem to be full of miscellaneous bashers and twangers who've all learned from the same bloody video. Take the south east - where the main guests at a lot of clubs are consistently the organisers of other clubs. Anywhere else they'd call that incest. How many denizens of these places can remember ALL the words in the right order, play the instrument they're sitting behind (or even tune it), think percussion is OK for those who can't be bothered to learn to play anything, or have any respect for the people they are on their hind legs in front of? Or clubs with wonderful websites telling you how magic their residents are...mutter curse mumble groan...All we Mudcatters may think ourselves the mutt's nuts in performance, but I don't see an army of us raising the standard in clubs across the land.

Folk clubs always have been, and probably always will be a complete mixture of the talented and the dire and all stages in between. If you have a problem with that, find one you like, or one that likes you, and let the rest get on with their own thing; if you're pissed at not getting gigs/recognition/free ale or even a kind word, you're either not quite as good as you thought or you're moving in the wrong circles. Deal with it. At the end of the day, for most of us it's a leisure activity, undertaken voluntarily, and if we don't like a club we can vote with our feet. Or start our own and find out how much effort that takes.

Go forth and make music.