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Posted By: Amos
24-Jan-04 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: New uses for old string?
Subject: RE: New uses for old string?
Soldered into strange signatures for art works, they can be glued to statues or laid onto canvasses with some transparent acrylic.

Hooked end to end they can be run across small country roads to decapitate motorcyclists when the occasion requires.

They may be used to hang brass bearing-sleeves from the limbs of trees, and, diced fine, for stuffing animals cut from very fine-grained chainmail for aggressive children.

They can be configured into loops on a stick for capturing stray iguana lizards, and are useful for renovating cheese slicers.

They can be attached to small magnets for picking up iron filings in an oil-pan by threading them through the dipstick pipe.

Tied to Brillo pads, they are useful for cleaning out the interior of exhaust pipes into which they are first rammed with a stick.

They can be used for lifting omelettes from the bottoms of pans and scraping paint-drops from the back of one's neck.

They can be used with some help for lifting off scabs resulting from skin-rashes.

They are also useful for wiring up wind-chimes and hanging table forks from hooks, eaves, various projections and wooden beams throughout the house.

They can be used for descaling the outer surface of pipes. The unwrapped sort are especially useful for piercing the ears of barnyard animals for earrings.

They can be used for pulling tissue paper through a flute.

With all these uses it is evident the world needs far more used strings than it was aware of.