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Posted By: Margo
31-Aug-99 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stupidest Question Asked!
Subject: RE: BS: Stupidest Question Asked!
Dave's advice is sound. With each outburst of laughter this morning, my daughter came and looked curiously in my face, echoing hehe. Funny girl.

That story by Kendall was something that actually happened to some friends of mine. They were coming into Kissamee Florida and wondering how to pronounce it. They stopped off to eat, and asked the kid behind the counter to pronounce clearly and slowly the place they were in, and the kid said Bur-ger Kiiinngg. They still laugh about it to this day.

My dad asked a waitress while ordering breakfast what was the difference between Canadian bacon and ham. The waitress said that there really wasn't any difference, but that's what they call it in Canada. Hmmmmmm. We thought that was pretty funny.