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Posted By: catspaw49
31-Aug-99 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stupidest Question Asked!
Subject: RE: BS: Stupidest Question Asked!
Sorry guys......after we moved to the shop, we went to a uniform that was a little different. Same Blue Don't Show the Grease pants, but a little classier looking shirt. Never wore a cap/hat at work even in the winter, never carried a pocket protector, belt buckle had a leather cover, no bow ties...........Sorry.

We used to change shirts about three times a day in the summer since Denny and I were both heavy sweaters (wool, cable knit, yeah I know). Pants were of course acid resistant. Of course one day Den had a battery slip and the acid spilled down the front of his pants. He wiped it off and finished the job but an hour later he said he was going to grab a quick shower 'cause he was getting a burning sensation........Those aren't the words, but it's better than using his words at the time, "I think that acid's about to burn my fuckin' dick off!!!" A few minutes later I hear him laughing in the shower room and I called in, "What's so damn funny?" He replied. "Come here, you won't believe this." He was holding this white rag that had once been his underwear and laughing like hell.