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Posted By: Bob Bolton
25-Jan-04 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Outside Track (Henry Lawson)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Outside Track - Henry Lawson
G'day Foolestroupe,

Yes ... I am still using an old download of the MIDI to text string app that Alan (Foster) of Oz developed as a compact, text-based, music exchange program for Mudcat. I must ask Alan if he has a more recent version available (ie - one that has a current link!). I don't seem to have his home e-mail, post the disastrous total crash of my ()~) brand new hard disk, late last year - and I don't have his 'phone number ... perhaps I can get details from Alison, who performs with him in Beat Around the Bush Band.

The app should work anyway ... if you PM a suitable e-mail addie for yourself, I'll send you the 1998 versions of the two apps: MID2TXT and TXT2MID ... they're only (~) 1 KB each! (Come to think of it, the current versions may be downloadable from some link inside the Mudcat's FAQ, or some such handy spot ... I haven't looked.

Incidentally, the electronic file of my "sheet music" version of The Outside Track combining my setting into a music program of Gerry Hallom's tune with the Lawson words also was lost with my great crash (it all happened before I had backed up the whole disk!). I can probably find a good print and send you a fairly tidy 1-bit TIF of that ... or the appropriate page (127) in Chris Kempster's The Songs of Henry Lawson - that's in 'D' as well, but I reset it for my Monday Night Workshop group with the tune at the top - more 'conventional' sheet music layout, whereas Chris's book always has the poem words first, then the various collected or composed tunes following.


Bob Bolton