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Posted By: Sandy Paton
25-Jan-04 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: Happy Birthday Sandy Paton 1/22!!!
Subject: RE: Happy Birthday Sandy Paton 1/22!!!
Delighted to discover that Don and June are Mudcatters! Those were the glory days, weren't they? Wish we could visit you in Brisbane as easily. Please be sure to keep us on your mailing list.
    See you at NEFFA, Carly, for sure. Let's encourage other 'Catters to show up, as well.
    Haven't seen you for awhile, Dan. I hear the new Johnson Girls CD is coming along nicely. Jolly good show! We're looking forward to adding it to our catalog.
    Thanks for keeping me posted, Hrothgar, on the recovery of our mutual friend.
    Caroline and I hope to see you on your next visit, Roy.
    And a grateful thanks to 'Spaw for such an unusually dignified message. Give my best to all them others and tell 'em to behave theirownselves, not that such a reminder will ever produce positive results.
    Karen K spent the weekend here with us, although she buried herself in the library most of the time, doing her research, so we only saw her at a few meals. That kind of dedication is to be admired. Someday, we'll all benefit from the work she is doing right now, updating the late Florence Bruning's index of published folk songs. What a major undertaking!
    And to all the rest of you, thanks and thanks again. Now let's let this thread pass into well-deserved oblivion. I hardly need to be reminded of how bloody old I am!
    Stay well, y'all!