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Posted By: open mike
27-Jan-04 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Super Bowl Predictions
Subject: RE: BS: Super Bowl Predictions
Subject: It's About Free Speech

Watch the ad that CBS refuses to air, and join our campaign. Just click on the image below.

Then help keep the momentum growing:
1. Spread the word. Share the ad with your friends and family.
2. Call in. Tell CBS headquarters what you think.
3. Post it. Put a banner or button on your website.
4. Get published. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Dear MoveOn member,
Over the last four days, something incredible has happened. CBS has received over 340,000 emails and phone calls asking it to stop its censorship. Clearly a huge number of us believe that CBS's refusal to run our Voter Fund ad, while allowing the Bush White House to run an advocacy ad of its own, is just plain wrong.

Columnists and editorial pages are writing about it. And on Monday, FCC commissioner Michael Copps issued a statement on it. These folks understand that this issue isn't just about our Voter Fund's ad -- an ad by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was censored as well. At heart, it's about free speech. Huge companies like CBS that control access to the publicly owned airwaves have to air opposing points of view.

CBS still refuses to run "Child's Pay." But together, we can increase the pressure on CBS. And through the power of the Internet, we can make sure that millions of people see the ad and learn about the controversy. As a first step, forward this email or the original message attached below to your friends. Ask them to check out the ad at: