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Posted By: Bassic
29-Jan-04 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: Kendall in hospital (not any more)
Subject: RE: Kendall in hospital
Ok buddy.......this is taking a joke just a bit far! I know last night in the Mudchat I didnt pick up on the "Airplane" feed line like a good staight man should.........timing was never my strong point..........but to get yourself admitted to the "big building with windows and patients" is taking things a bit far dont ya think!! *bg*

Anyway............hope all turns out fine and dandy and if not, then at least they have picked up the problem early (thats why they do tests after all!) so lets hope they can get you sorted nice and quick. And a great incentive to get fit and well having already bought the flight tickets eh!! :-)

The biggest of best wishes from your Mudchat friends in the UK (some I know are at work just now but send their best) and I might even have a "good luck" pint in your honour tonight!