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Posted By: catspaw49
29-Jan-04 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: Kendall in hospital (not any more)
Subject: RE: Kendall in hospital
Relax Kendall......It's a heart catheterization and it doesn't hurt in the least. The worst part is when they do the cutdown and that's no worse than a bee sting. Partially blocked arteries are not a problem either.   About 4 out of 5 times they can be fixed immediately with a couple of different types of angioplasty which is just like the cath and also painless. Some docs will do them right then.

After a cath is over, you have to lay on your back and remain still for 3-6 hours so they can be sure you won't bleed is the femoral artery and it joins the aorta directly. That part drives me crazy, I can't stand the laying still bit!!

BTW, they are taking pressures, not pictures generally. For pix they are big on echocardiograms, also not a big deal, just a sonagram really. Now if they tell you they want to do a TEE (trans-esophageal Echocardiogram) then run like hell. They will catch you and shove a tube down your throat ..... That one really sucks!!

I have had 9 or 10 of the damn things.....You'll be fine Bro....Relax.