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30-Jan-04 - 12:35 AM
Thread Name: Kendall in hospital (not any more)
Subject: RE: Kendall in hospital
Well folks, so far, the worst part of it is the 6 hourse flat on my arse unable to move for fear of a blowout.
The crew here is unbeatable. My oldest doughter used to work in the Cath lab, and one of my nieces stills works here, so I'm getting the star treatment. (A midnight snack, no less)

The doctor told me I must have a triple by pass, and he can't do it until Monday. So, as Tome T Hall wrote, Here I am in this this dang bed and who'd gonna feed them hogs.

They wont let me go home and come back because I could have a fatal attack. I live alone, and my dog would me no use at all, so, I'm stuck here. I'm in room 721 of the Maine Medical center in Portland Maine. Visitors allowed, but, no Guinness!

You are all great, and I will be in England in April, but I hope it's via the high road nit the low road. I'll be checking in from time to time on their computer in the Solarium.
Can't send PMs though.