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Posted By: Kaleea
30-Jan-04 - 02:17 AM
Thread Name: Kendall in hospital (not any more)
Subject: RE: Kendall in hospital
Good golly miss molly, I turn my head for a few hours & you get tossed in the sack wif a foley up yer, well, uh. . . You know. Only a triple? You can do that while fanger pickin' the ol' geetar with one hand tied behind your sedated self. We all know that you'll be up chasing the nurses around the bed in no time!
    Jeepers, if I wasn't so far away in Kansas, I'd bring you a case of Guiness and . . .well, I better not say with all these folks looking on. Suffice it to say:
   My Goodness, My Guiness!
       Guinness--sure, and it's Gaelic for genius!

          ( . . .as the geezer Kaleea sips on her sparkling calorie free naturally flavored not-so-naturally sweetened not-exactly-spring water, knowing that she's too foo foo to drink a pint of stout nowadays.) But seriously,
             I am sending you lots of very positive thoughts & energy! You are basking in the healing light of the Almighty! And the terrific energies being sent from all directions by all them thar 'Caters!