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Posted By: Mrrzy
30-Jan-04 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Online Acoustic Folk, Radio or Other
Subject: Tech: Online Acoustic Folk, Radio or Other
OK, now that I have access to a computer that can do it, where do I go and how do I do it? I tried looking for threads about this, but didn't find the right stuff, so elves may feel free to add blickies or move this thread to the relevant superthread, or whatever. Meanwhile, I was kinda miffed that the likeliest place, Acoustic Cafe, was one a site called, as I am too young to be a boomer... and the SECOND song I heard was something I'd played earlier that day! Aaaargh! Where else can I go for the music of the 60's, the more mouvementé stuff like the old Peter, Paul and Mary, Dylan, you know, classical stuff. The Weavers would be nice too. The discussion of which sites are better than others and why, to just listen rather than download, would be optimal. Thanks!