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Posted By: Lanfranc
31-Jan-04 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: Has Martin gone mad? (Plastic guitars?)
Subject: RE: Has Martin gone mad?
I recently purchased a Martin 000C-16GTE, despite the designation, which sounds more like a boy racer Japanese car than a guitar. It plays like a dream and sounds great, whether acoustic or electric (the designation is 000 (size) C (cutaway) 16 (model) GT (gloss top) E (Electrics - Fishman stereo).

When I first played it I thought that the bridge and fingerboard were ebony. No, like the FeLiX, it's black plastic!!! Well, Micarta (TM), anyway, which, I gather, is a rather superior form of plastic.

I always liked the line that, if a tree could choose what to be when it was cut down, it would choose to be a guitar. However, with fine woods becoming rarer, more expensive and decidedly non-ecologically acceptable, I cannot help but salute Martin's quest for alternatives.

The Micarta fingerboard is one thing, the FeLiX guitar something else entirely. It's not a new idea though, Maccaferri did something similar back in the 50s and 60s, albeit without the yukky graphics!

Isn't there the Garrison guitar with plastic strutting for the table?

Things move on, but as the owner of 4 Martins, I hope that the future is more 000C-16GTE than FeLiX!!