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Posted By: Mr Red
01-Feb-04 - 06:23 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: I'm Just a Girl (Bachelor Girl)
Subject: RE: Bachelor Girl - I'm just a girl - HELP!

Quick and not do dirty
Double click on the Volume control and you should see more than one volume control, chose Options > Properties
and tick Recording and below tick Mix (or all if unsure.
Start > Programs > Entertainment > Sound recorder will give you the recorder app.
play the midi on the computer and start recording.
save file as YOURNAME.WAV
burn an Audio CD (using Nero or somesuch) using the file you have just recorded.

The Mix Channel is the important one, Recording level is controlled from the recording volume &/or midi volume (uncheck any mutes!!!!)

AND as for removing the singer from a CD there is software available. What it does is assume that the singer is in the middle (but maybe you can chose where) and effectively removes anything from the vicinity of the middle - which will include her guitar if she is playing it.
No I don't know any trade names - I just know they exist - I use SoundForge for audio files and can't remember that option - if I remain silent it is because I found the feature and I have removed myself **BG**