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Posted By: GUEST,Martin owner
01-Feb-04 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: Has Martin gone mad? (Plastic guitars?)
Subject: RE: Has Martin gone mad?
The argument re. the looks of instruments is age old - everyone is different and the fact that Martin are making "painted" guitars and selling them tends to imply there is a market.

The new "little" Martin is an excellent sounding guitar when compared with like and comes out on top... it doesn't matter what its made of or why it was made of the material it was only that it sounds good.

Re Ovations - don't tell me they don't mature! I have a 60's balladeer that sound superb, likewise a long neck both the tops made of good quality wood - and most guitarist will tell you the back and sides make little effect on the tone - and Ovation certainly haven't gone out of business selling "plastic" guitars!

Martins are also the most copied acoustic guitar. followed by Ovation - this must tell us something about the sales research dept.

I have never bought a guitar on name alone and never would - I play a guitar and then make my decision - even if the guitar is the same model there can be vast differences in sound and playability, I don't care if it has "Tanglewood", "Encore" or "Yamaha" (and boy have they made some crap guitars) on the headstock as long as it sounds good and plays well!

Don't judge a book by it's cover or what the pages are made of it's quality of content that counts.

Then to all you wooden guitarists with electric pick-ups - remember the sound the audience hears is down to the pick-up, the mixer, the amp and the speakers not the wood in your guitar - listened to a Variax recently? and then stick all your effects boxes in between and forget your $5000.00 Martin.

Too many people quote their guitars as a status symbol "Oh I have a Martin" and Martin tend to be at the top of this when it comes to acoustic guitars - too often I have heard comments like "I've only got a Tanglewood" and the like, it's not what you've got it's what you do with it that matters!

Terms like "Hand made", "Vintage" and "unique" are used instead of "good" - there's plenty of unique, handmade, vintage crap out there....... like what you like but don't diss something on those grounds alone.