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Posted By: moocowpoo
02-Feb-04 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Anyone tried these picks?
Subject: RE: Anyone tried these picks?
I'm pretty curious, however I do like a little bit of flex in a pick How much does this funky-looking wirething move, compared to a 1mm nylon flatpick??. I have in the past used an old credit card for a pick also they go ok. I wonder how much of a withdrawal you could make if you inserted a plectrum into an ATM? would there be a johnny cash song printed on the recipt?, the lyrics to 'pickin' time'? mabye.......but perhaps not.    I've also cut up plastic milkbottles, too thin ( I did consider laminating them), too much effort folded up sheets of paper, too short-lived used paper-clips, too awkward   used fingers, too painful       used nothing, too quiet   dragon bum-scales, too fictitious   mooowpoocakes, too close to home then!, I heard about plectrums! they're quite good and just the right shape......       I'm wondering if wirethings have arrived in Australia?, we do have wire things but mainly coat hangers and paper clips, not 'wirethings' (*wink,wink). Anyway, I wouldn't mind hearing a report on their flexibility thanks.    muhkuhpuh