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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
02-Feb-04 - 01:05 PM
Thread Name: Has Martin gone mad? (Plastic guitars?)
Subject: RE: Has Martin gone mad?
Gee, some of the naysayin here makes me want to not play anymore!

Justapicker you sound like one spoiled with too many fine guitars! If Martin did not experiment then you could not own any great Martin guitars. The idea that because they don't make every one as good as the famed HD range for example is just plain selfish greedy GAS, and bitchin about it proves a person is too far gone for much other than a wallop on the head with a plastic Martin Cowboy model.

Having played almost a whole life on acoustics and that included several fine models - Martins as well- I never found one that I did not like to play on, nor one that I would not get another job to buy. But then I neve did have to buy a box anyways. All my guitars were given to me including the one I almost pawned my fine antique Banjo to get.

Mine has a laminate back and sides. However besides the odd Gibson Mandoline, antique Martin or Vega instrument I have tried this box has the most 'in yer face' direct and true response I ever did find, and you better believe me I looked for years and years

In fact, I used regularly go into stores to try out acoustics, I still do. One day while doing my thing I asked the missus - she plays too - to pass me a buff finished box which hung to the side of me. I was looking at the back of the box. Anyways not bothering to inspect the peghead I tested the tuning which was BTW spot on, and when I walloped a G modal chord the sound was so loud and penetrating I could feel my inards wobble. Talk about an electric - that is what it sounds like sometimes.

Later after I declared myself certifiable for the thing the missus bought it as a gift. In my humble life long semi pro non Martin owning life - opinion is that this little box has no equal and that the other   
other Martins I have heard accomplished players on are the same.

It is as much about how you LIKE to sound as anything else, and here I add that as a musician who happens to be good on guitar, one Martin is more than enough for me.

I don't care what Martin makes guitars out of, when they all sound as good as mine.

Price - for the real musician is irrelevant. I would have paid 8 grand
for my DM as easily as 8 hundred BECAUSE its the right guitar for me.

Mr Chris Martin - good on yer little mahogany laminator ! and Thanks