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04-Feb-04 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: Whiskey in the Jar
Subject: RE: Whiskey in the Jar
When I was a wee lad, back in the dark ages, my uncle had a Pub and at times when the staff would be off for a few hours, a rare occasion, he would say 'lets sit down and have a few jars', meaning a half pint or what ever was yer fancy.

I knew, as did everybody in those poor dark post war days, that we did not drink out of a jar, but just the same the word was assumed to mean and earthenware pot.

Second bit of useless information, the other day while disputing about Blighters and how the people came to be there over aeons of time, I realized that myself and my buddies across the pond are descended from ancient tribes which at one time wore animal skin clothes and lived in mud huts. Much later arrived the Post Office, Cricket, Fish and Chips etc, but only a few fleeing continentals ever could have put up with the smelly grass roofs and pigs in the kitchen etc, hence the Romans, Welsh, Anlgo Saxons, Normans and finally Pakistanis who ruled over the Britons imported lots of refinements to civilise the natives.

Among these were Meads, Noonnie Noh, Scottish Tiddle Winks, Welsh Rabbits and Irish Folksinging.

Even though the Irish are great musical compromisers and even though it is without doubt that Hissing Sid Hedgegroper was the true genius of this fine ballad, it is nonetheless the case that the bleedin Irish rewrote it, recorded it and so everybody and his dog named spot all over the entire world sing it! Consequently the Japanese tourist at London Airport assumes that 'Whiskey In The Jar' is an Irish song.

Life is like that, get over it and move on!