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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
04-Feb-04 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Whiskey in the Jar
Subject: RE: Whiskey in the Jar
"Can" was also a common name for the straight-sided cup (china or whatever) from which the islanders drank their coffee, before there was a crop failure (about 1820?) and the East India Company addicted them to tea, which, I have been told by malt drinkers, is as destructive as opium.
Intoxicated as they were by the stuff, they could no longer make straight-sided cups and that is why they drank from those oddly shaped vessels they call teacups.
Teatotalers, who can be identified by their once again practically-shaped mugs, are fighting the scourge of tea valiantly with their abolitionist songs and abstemious habits as a good example.

Canning and Cannington are not uncommon surnames. A Canning perhaps was one of the 'entrepreneurs' who built housing for the dockworkers.
Then again, Molly, with the reward she got for turning in our sporting hero, may have started a vegetable farm and opened a canning factory as suggested by pavanne. From what I see on the internet, Canning Town is being 'gentrified' with a vengeance.