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Posted By: wysiwyg
04-Feb-04 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: Where Are they Now? PermaThread
Subject: RE: Where Are they Now? PermaThread
The post about McClatchy just above offers an example of the many problems that need to be addressed, IMO, about how to best do a thread like this.

WHERE will the new information go, if there is already a thread about an individual, and HOW LONG will it remain timely? Imagine that problem compounded by all the vast numbers of "where" threads already going.

IS the "found" information still timely and relevant, so long after the question has been asked (not just McClatchy but all those many requests), or has someone already found the person and simply not come back here and told all of US about it?

IF we find someone (say on a given day in 20040 is that of any use to someone looking for the artist LATER, for instance to buy new recordings?

And, are we looking for what people should find for themselves via Google and other search engines, or are we looking for sightings and details by Mudcatters?