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Posted By: GUEST,Len Wallace
06-Feb-04 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
Subject: RE: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
Thanks for the discussion folks.

I know the question may have seemed a little perverse. I just needed to hear people's opinions. I'm currently writing an article for a local Irish-American newspaper concerning that very point- that one does not have to be, for example, Scottish to sing Scottish songs, etc. I have a Scottish last name (which Canadian immigrantion officials signed my dad as when he entered Canada when he was 17 back in 1928). I am Canadian born with a Byelorussian dad and Ukrainian-Canadian mother, and have spent half my life performing Irish and Scottish folk. To some people I am not considered "authentic". I consider myself Irish by osmosis and when asked my nationality I tell people I am a "citizen of the world". My Scottish brogue whenever needed goes well and my Yiddish passable.

In terms of trying to find this information and such opinion specifically about Ewan MacColl from other threads, I did review them (as was suggested above) but the commentary made in them was not suitable to the purpose I had.

Glad everyone joined in with their opinions.

For music that never dies,

Len Wallace