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Posted By: The Borchester Echo
06-Feb-04 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sweet Jayne (from Chris Wood)
Subject: Lyr Add: SWEET JAYNE (from Chris Wood)
Chris Wood got this song from the singing of Lisa Null and his version, under the title Sweet Jayne on the CD Knock John (RUFCD08) with Andy Cutting is awesome.

These are the lyrics Chris uses :


Oh, come, sweet Jayne, for I must go. Come closer to me.
My trunk is stowed on Johnson's boat with all his company.

I heard a loud black thunder roar out of some canon's mouth.
I would be welcome safe at home in my sweet sunny south.

I laboured hard for seven years working for my wealth.
I lived on bread and salty meat and never lost my health.

I heard a loud black thunder roar out of some ship on board.
I spied sweet Jayne in all her curls come stepping to the shore.

I led her through the marbled halls in through her father's door.
A gay young crowd was standing around, standing on the floor.

The parson read the marriage vows: wed as one soul for life.
Now Jayne, you are mine without a doubt, a kind and loving wife

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