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07-Feb-04 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Help: Everything Malvina!
Subject: RE: Help: Everything Malvina!
Hi everybody,
I have the honor of performing a Malvina Reynolds mini-concert/workshop at the New England Folk Festival this April (visit for details). I already have several Malvina albums & songbooks, but I have one album on tape that I copied from an LP years ago, and can't figure out *which* lp it was! The songs on the tape are:
The New Restaurant * What's going on down there * Little Boxes *Battle of Maxton Field * God Bless the Grass * I don't mind failing * What have they done to the rain * The Devil's Baptizin' * Singin' Jesus * The Bloody Neat * Quiet * Magic Penny * Bitter Rain

Any idea which album this is?
Also, I can't seem to find a list of the songs on the albums I don't have, namely:
Malvina Reynolds (1970) Century City CCR5100 / Cassandra CFS 5100
Malvina… Held Over (1975); Cassandra Records CFS-3688
Malvina Reynolds Sings The Truth (1968) on Columbia, CS 9414
Any suggestions or ideas?

By the way, here is the bibliography/discography I've put together thus far for Malvina... please email me with any updates or changes at Thanks!
Heather Lev

Another Country Heard From (1960) on Folkways 02524
The Pied Piper * We Hate to See Them Go *Let it Be *Faucets are Dripping *Don't Talk to Me of Love * Money Blues * The Day the Freeway Froze * The Delinquent * Mommy's Girl * Somewhere Between * I Live in a City * The Little Land * Oh Doctor! * Sing Along * The Miracle

Malvina Reynolds Sings The Truth (1968) on Columbia, CS 9414

Malvina Reynolds (1970) Century City CCR5100 / Cassandra CFS 5100

Artichokes, Griddlecakes and Other Good Things (1970) Pacific Cascade LPC 7018 (Cassette)
Artichokes * The Pets * Johnny Built a House * Wheels * Everybody Says * One Shoe
Morningtown Ride * Griddlecakes * It Turned Out to Be a Song * I Went A-Gathering * Don't Bother Me * Little Boat* Eight Candles * In Bethlehem * You Can't Make a Turtle Come Out

Malvina (1972); Cassandra Records. CFS-2807
Little Boxes * You'll Be a Man * The Albatross * No Room * Turn Around * The Little Red Hen * This World * There's a Bottom Below * Green Shadows * The Money Crop *Somewhere Between * The Day the Freeway Froze

Funny Bugs, Giggleworms, and Other Good Friends (1972) Pacific Cascade LPC 7025 (Cassette)    Magical Food * Funny Bug Basin * Rabbits Dance
You Can't Make a Turtle Come Out * Place to Be * Hello Ladybug * Says the Bee * Little Birds * What Time Is It? * The Pets * Black Horse

Malvina… Held Over (1975); Cassandra Records CFS-3688
We don't need the men

Magical Songs (1978) Cassandra Records. CR 040 (Cassette)
Sweet Stuff * Wheels * Lambeth Children * My Street * Kennebunkport * Quiet * Never Touch a Singing Bird *Don't Push Me * Let Us Come In * It's Up to You * Morningtown Ride * Magical Song * The Whale * I've Got a Song

Mama Lion (1980); (CR 050) Cassandra Records.
Skagit Valley Forever * Bury Me in My Overalls * The Judge Said * If You Were Little * The Devil's Baptizin' * The Little Mouse * Power Plant Reggae * Mario's Duck * Back Alley Surgery * Dialectic * The Last Time * Carolina Cotton Mill Song *

Malvina Reynolds, Ear to the Ground, Topical Songs 1960-1978
Smithsonian Folkways 40124
1. It Isn't Nice 2. On the Rim of the World 3. What Have They Done to the Rain?
4. Look on the Sunny Side 5. The World's Gone Beautiful 6. Spoken Introduction to Little Boxes 7. Little Boxes 8. Little Red Hen 9. Dialectic 10. Bury Me in My Overalls
11. There's a Bottom Below 12. The Little Mouse 13. Rosie Jane 14. The Money Crop
15. Magic Penny 16. The Albatross 17. Skagit Valley Forever 18. Spoken Introduction to The Judge Said 19. The Judge Said 20. Mario's Duck 21. Caroline Cotton Mill Song
22. Boraxo 23. This World

Virgo Rising / The once and Future Woman / Thunderbird Records LP 7037
Various Artists / Save The Children / Women Strike for Peace Records W-001


The Malvina Reynolds Songbook, 4th Ed.
Schroder Music Co. & Sisters' Choice, 704 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 94710-1333

Little Boxes and Other Handmade Songs
by Malvina Reynolds      Oak Publishing Co. (out of print), 1964

The Muse of Parker Street: More Songs by Malvina Reynolds
by Malvina Reynolds, Oak Publishing Co. (out of print), 1967

There's Music in the Air: Songs for the Middle-Young by Malvina Reynolds, 1976
Shroder Music Company published; order through

Cheerful Tunes For Lutes And Spoons

Tweedles And Foodles For Young Noodles order through

Love it Like a Fool, Video Biography,

Other Recordings & Compilations on which Malvina's songs appear:
Tribute Album: Rosalie Sorrels, No Closing Chord, The Songs of Malvina Reynolds, RHR-CD-143

Folk, Gospel & Blues: Will The Circle Be Unbroken, (19.99), Label: Legacy Recordings,
Distributor: Sony Music Distribution, (Little Boxes)

Dogfight, (1991), Label: Nouveau (What Have They Done To The Rain)

Bread & Roses: Festival Of Acoustic Music, Vol. 1, (1990) Label: Fantasy Records,
Distributor: Fantasy (Little Boxes)

Folk Classics: Roots Of American Folk Music, (1989), Label: Columbia, (Little Boxes)

Washington Square Memoirs... 1950-70, (2001), Label: Rhino Records
Distributor: WEA (Little Boxes)

The Best of Broadside: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
(What Have They Done To The Rain?; Little Boxes; The Faucets Are Dripping)

Other Folkways Recordings featuring Malvina's songs):
What Now People, Vol. 3 - Paredon 02003

American History in Ballad and Song Vol.2 - Folkways 05802 (The Delinquent; Too Many Bookmakers)

We Won't Move: Songs of the Tenants' Movement, Malvina Reynolds, Folkways Recordings – 05287

Reynolds wrote for children's TV shows incl. Sesame Street

Others recording Malvina's Songs:
Pete Seeger recorded five of her songs on God Bless The Grass '66, including the title song, 'The Faucets Are Dripping', 'Cement Octopus', 'From Way Up Here'.

'What Have They Done To The Rain', recorded by Joan Baez and by the Seekers, who also covered 'Morningtown Ride'.

'It Isn't Nice' about demonstrations was rewritten by Barbara Dane and recorded by Judy Collins.