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Posted By: Eugene Judge
08-Feb-04 - 05:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Grisly Murder of Joe Frawley (Lyons)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ballad of Joe Frawley
No lyrics found.

It's listed as "The Grisly Murder of Joe Frawley" on Fintan Valley CD "Big Guns and Hairy Drums"   

Song Notes:
15/ The Grisly Murder of Joe Frawley
The grocer-cum-publican is common enough in rural anywhere. Joe Frawley had such an emporium, and was a politician too. Ever since Irish women took to the pub after the epidemic of addiction to Dallas where every sentence used a drink as punctuation, music came to be provided as entertainment, sometimes the native stuff, more likely a cocktail of Country and pop. Often, to save expense, local Trad musicians would be recruited, and called a 'session'. Substances other than alcohol would be consumed too, and Tim's parody on the classic 'murder' ballad romantically unfolds. The 'holy hour' was the now-obsolete dinner-hour during which Dublin pubs were closed to give unionised bar-staff a break.

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