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Posted By: Shanghaiceltic
09-Feb-04 - 04:32 AM
Thread Name: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
Subject: RE: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
I too love Ewan MacColl's work and songs. But here is soemthing I came up with after my curiosity was aroused by this thread.

The name MacColl does not appear as a defined clan name according to the authoritive and encyclopedic book on Scottish clans 'The Scottish Clan and family Encyclopedia' written by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire. It is still in print.

The names MacColl, MacCall and MacCaul do appear and they come under the leadership of the Clan MacDonald.

Then it gets more interesting as there are three Clan McDoanld's.

MacDonald of Macdonald
MacDonald of Clanranald
MacDonald of Sleat

All of the above three clans are related by history and all at some time were Lords of the Isles. They were also the founders of other great clans.

On reading the three histories in the book it would seem to me that the MacColl's are descended from those who lived on the Isle of Coll in the western isles and owed alliegance to MacDonald of MacDonald.

Whatever, his work is great.

For those of you of Scottish blood or descent then the book I mentioned above is a superb reference.