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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
10-Feb-04 - 09:38 AM
Thread Name: Legacy Membership for Sandy and Caroline
Subject: Legacy Membership for Sandy and Caroline
Hello everyone. I thought many might be interested in the following since Art Thieme's friends helped him out.

"Folk Alliance is pleased to announce that Rosalie Sorrels is our
newest Legacy Life member. We recently received an anonymous donation
that fully funded her Life Membership in the Folk Alliance.
Congratulations to Rosalie, and thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Legacy Life Membership is a Life Membership purchased by a group
of members on behalf of an individual who is a personal hero to those
members. This recogniiton program started in march 2003. So far we
have completed the membership drives for Art Thieme, and now for

Contributions have been made towards the memberships of Utah Phillips,
Jack Hardy, and Caroline and Sandy Paton. Additional contributions can
be made for any of these potential Legacy Life members in amouns of
$20 or more to reach the $1000 goal. To begin a fund for a new
nominee, please contact the Folk Alliance office at or
(301) 588-8185."

Roger in Baltimore