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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
11-Feb-04 - 01:02 AM
Thread Name: John Dwyer - Songs & Stories -Guitar List photos
Subject: RE: John Dwyer - Songs&Stories
I will be in the northwest over the weekend, and I think it's time to scatter Dad's ashes. Since many of you will be involved with Rainy Camp, I don't want to conflict with that schedule. My plan is to walk onto the Mukilteo Ferry on Monday, Feb. 16, and scatter them on the way out, then take the return trip back. Tonight I tracked down the direct number of the ferry guy who can give me all of the answers. I'll talk with him tomorrow (Wed). Anyone who is interested in walking on and participating, consider this a "heads up" that we'll be doing this sometime on Monday. Good thoughts, stories, songs, are welcome. We don't practice a religion, so nothing along those lines is planned. We'll just ease him gently on his way to go mingle with his beloved salmon and sea-run cutthroat.

Considerations: Monday the 16th is President's Day--I'll have to see what they expect traffic-wise. Taking an evening run would allow folks to get there after work, but it would be dark. The ferry system folks may prefer daylight, and do prefer "non-peak" runs, so there is a good possibility that I'll have to go in mid-afternoon. I'll post my final itinerary here when I know it. This is a link to the ferry system information regarding memorial services.

I've spoken with a couple of Dad's friends who have spoken to a couple of more of his friends and the plan has been met with enthusiasm--so I think the prudent thing to do is to let the momentum build and say this is a "Go" unless the weather prevents it. I am not sure how many siblings will be there, but since this is the only time I can do it, and I'm bringing the ashes, this is the plan. His folk family carries a lot of weight in my deciding to do this now and in this way--all of you were very important to Dad.

There is no food on the ferry, and Ivars at the terminal is closed due to storm damage. I wasn't planning anything more than the ferry ride, but if someone knows anyplace with good pie and coffee between Mukilteo and I-5 it would be nice to stop for dessert and a chat. PM me here at Mudcat or email at dwy5812syc at sprynet dot com

I hope to see a few of you on the ferry! Here are a couple of his favorite sloppy-weather ditties, to set the mood. You can hear his voice even when you read them:

Maggie Dwyer (Stilly River Sage)