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Posted By: Gareth
11-Feb-04 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Leaving of Liverpool
Subject: RE: Origins: Leaving of Liverpool
Guest Satchel -

If LR can confirm the name and existance, well find.

However I respectfully refer to my orginal post :-

"The only hard and fast rule on ships names was only one name per port of registry thus we could have the "Davey Crocket" of New York, and the "Davey Crocket" of say Mobile.

Scond fact. In the days when I had a free run of the Lloyds of London libuary and records section have now long gone. I am working from memory but the commercial life of a wooden hull was not that long. The 'Perils of the Sea', decay, wear and tear, and commercial reality saw to that.

It is very possible that here were more than one "Davey Crocket" on the transatlantic run."