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14-Feb-04 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: BBC Working Lunch Jim Moray and ..
Subject: RE: BBC Working Lunch Jim Moray and ..
No, Jim certainly wasn't calling ALL 'folkies' (actually I really object to that term) insular. I'm quite sure El Greko knows - and cringes at - as well as I do the sort of 'folkier than thou' blinkered throwbacks in their cliquey clubs who regard our traditional music as exhibits to be returned to labelled glass cases after hallowed performance (not that is is, very often, in their hands).

The crucial point is that it's the tradition that must be respected, conventions can and should be broken to reflect changing perceptions. Jim Moray and others are presenting it in a form that is relevant and comprehensible to how life is today. They are musicians who are being themselves, telling their own story through their music. This will in turn enable people (ie EVERYONE, not a tiny clique) to relate to and value our indigenous music once more and, turn once again to doing it themselves.

Those who have gone out and bought Sweet England without ever seeing the need ever to enter a 'folk club' are the ones Jim Moray was thanking. It's their music too and we should be cheered that they are beginning to realise it.