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Posted By: George Papavgeris
14-Feb-04 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: BBC Working Lunch Jim Moray and ..
Subject: RE: BBC Working Lunch Jim Moray and ..
Well put Countess Richard - tradition to be respected, conventions may be broken.

Twenty years ago I belonged to a small vocal group assisting a composer who was reworking byzantine music using "western" techniques and producing some real - we were his "instrument", so to speak. Well, his music (and the "instrument") were good enough to win the 1981 Eisteddfod (purists pls excuse spelling) in Llangollen, but back home we were under constant and often malicious attacks from the Orthodox Church. Some of the more enlightened members of the priesthood allowed us to sing in their churches; some even encouraged us to do so. And some got close to excommunicating us.

Were we the Antichrist, as some believed? No, I check my feet daily and there's no hooves. Did we bring byzantine music to non-churchgoers. Yep, we sure did that.

Jim's doing the same, and good luck to him if he can produce more relevance to the youngsters than we old "fol**"- sorry "foggies" do.

Actually, the only piece that really grates for me is his mixing of minor and and major keys in "Early one morning". But hey, I don't like opera either, it doesn't make it rubbish.