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Posted By: Bob Bolton
14-Feb-04 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: What are Wobble Boards made of?
Subject: RE: What are Wobble Boards made of?
G'day Foolestroupe,

I think Masonite did turn up as an indoor cladding, here in Australia ... but plaster sheeting was more common. Tempered Masonite certainly would work, especially with a good coat of outdoor paint ... there's a 2-room, verandahed bush hut still standing in Clarence, in the Blue Mts, back of Sydney, that was built 33 years agon by fiddler Ralph Pride and myself.

The frame is sapling poles and the outer cladding is recycled Masonite. The building is holding up ... if rather sagging where a 15 metre gumtree fell across the kitchen a couple of years back!

Back to wobbleboards: I reckon the one I got in 1959 was a thin grade of the tempered variety ... possibly no longer made. Anyway, you could make a wobble board from any board-like material that had the right amount of flexion ... and you just listen for the best-sounding material. Some plastic material for screen-prining outdoor sings works well.


Bob Bolton