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16-Feb-04 - 08:01 AM
Thread Name: What are Wobble Boards made of?
Subject: RE: What are Wobble Boards made of?
The original mortgage date on my house deed is 1957. The house was built with proper lath backed plaster ceilings in main bedroom, lounge and intervening hall. Those rooms have plaster walls, apparently not "plasterboard", but plaster.

The difference is that "plasterboard" is two sheets of thin cardboard sandwiching a plaster core. The sheets are affixed to ceiling and wall, then given a surface 'plastering' of white plaster.

The rest is masonite, but some walls have been "plasterboard" covered, and some with that imitation 'VJ T&G' cladding stuff. There seem to have been various modifications over its previous liefe before I arrived.

BTW: "Plasterboard" does not a good wobble board make...