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Posted By: Bob Bolton
16-Feb-04 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: What are Wobble Boards made of?
Subject: RE: What are Wobble Boards made of?
G'day again,

Come to think of it, I supplied a friend with a chunk of thin MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) to use as a 'wobbleboard' for a recording gig. MDF has about the right 'wobble' and a reasonable sound ... but only comes in sheets thin enough to wobble when it is used as protective packing around something like sheets of acrylic sheeting (Plexiglas® and similar. I was able to saw the MDF with a normal ripsaw and glean up the edges with a Surform tool and sandpaper.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of how well the bonded wood material would last ... The recording studio got him to give them a few representative "sample" wobbles ... then sucked the sound file into their synthesiser ... and used digitally synthesised and modulated "wobbleboard" in the recording!


Bob Bolton