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Posted By: puzzled
06-Sep-99 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcatters at Winfield, KS?
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcatters at Winfield, KS?
sourdough, I'll be there. My band, the Prairie goose Stompers, will be playing stage five Saturday night at 10:45. stage five is a stage out of the main fairground area on the edge of the campground.
The festival has changed over the years but is still great. I was at the first few and have been off and on ever since.( I have good friends who have been there every year) Last year the biggest change for me was the lack of people staying up all night playing. Used to be that there were camp sites all over the place with music going all night. There still are a few but more quiet in the middle of the night than in years past.
And maybe it is just me but I also noticed more young folk there last year than in years past. A really good sign, I think.
The music in the campgrounds is what many of us go for. 10,000 people camping and a whole lot of them playing. There are every level of player and every level of player is made to feel welcome. There are some snobs but the over all feel is one of "come on and join the fun"
There are now four stages in the main fairground area. Each with concerts going from early in the morning to at least midnight. Stage four has the contests (flatpick guitar, finger pick, mandolin, banjo, hammer dulcimer and more) I do enjoy watching the contest even if Art did not enjoy judging them. The chops of the contestants amaze and bewilder me.
If you don't mind crowds, If you like to play music with folks you've never played with before and may never see again, If you don't mind choosing which excellent performer(s)to go listen to now nonstop for four days, and if you would like to meet an amazing number of really good people ---- See you at Winfield