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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
18-Feb-04 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Billy Bragg and House of Lords
Subject: BS: Billy Bragg and House of Lords
I see that Billy Bragg has coem up with a rather cute suggestion for constitutional reform, which is actually being taken seriously by the kind of people who would normally sneer at anything a people's siger like him suggested.

For example in the Guardian "...The singer Billy Bragg's ingenious formula for the reform of the House of Lords may just satisfy all parties"

The idea being that every General Election they'd add up all the votes for MPs, and use those as the basis for the membership of the Second Chamber, on a proportional basis, using a party list system, liek they have in Scotland. One advantage being that there'd be some point in people voting, even when they knew there was no chance of their preferred local MP candidate being elected (or for that matter, defeated), which is the case in most constituencies which are pretty safe seats.

No additional expense, no multiple elections, no interference with the dreaded constituency system. Very hard for the polticos to drum up a coherent opposition to teh idea.

Myself I'd prefer a House of Randoms, where they just picked the names out of a hat so far, to ensure that there was a fair proportion of screwballs rather than just safe party hacks.

Still it's good to see Billy Bragg betting some political respect. Maybe they'll start taking some notice of what he says about the music licences and pubs. Perhapos when he's in the Lords.